February 2010

Welcome to 2010 !!

All the staff at Tree House hope you all had a great Christmas and look forward to a  Happy New Year !

We would like to welcome all the new children that have recently started at Little End and Pre-school.

Little End has a family board and would love for the children to bring in photos of their family for the display. They enjoy recognising and talking about their family members.

A huge thank you from all of us for being flexible and understanding about the early collection of your child during the bad weather conditions. In bad weather there will always be information on the website. Any new posts transfer automatically to your email. If you haven’t given us your email address already you can add it, very easily, on the website or give it to a member of staff.

Could you please ensure your child attends nursery with enough nappies for the day, also nappies for sleeps if they are potty trained.

Ofsted have recommended that children wear slippers indoors due to hygiene, especially at the Little End where babies are playing on the floor. Please can all parents at the Little End provide their child with slippers. It would be a great help if they came in already changed into them at the beginning of their sessions.

If pre-school children would like to wear their slippers aswell, feel free to do so.

Festivals, important events and special days

· Chinese New Year – February 14th

· Valentines Day – February 14th

· Shrove Tuesday – February 16th

· St Patricks Day – March 17th

· St David’s Day – March 1st

· Holi – March 1st

· Mother’s Day – March 14th

· World Book Day – March 4th

Please please please;

· Remember that invoices are ready to collect at the start of the month and we need payment within 7 days.

· Try and discourage children from bringing toys into Nursery, as they often get lost. Lost toys = sad children = frustrated parents !

· Could you provide appropriate clothing for the children e.g, hats, scarves, warm coats and suitable footwear. Waterproof trousers are also good if you have them.


· Please ensure that your child has a full set of clothes in their bag – Pants ! and socks are very important.

· Please remember to sign your child in on the parent/carer register on arrival and departure.

We apologise for the surface of the entry road. The residents do intend to put in a drain to stop the water gathering. We are hoping to make temporary repairs. Keeping your speed down would help as well as keeping the children safe.

The safety of all children is paramount. Please, please, make sure you keep your speed to an absolute minimum when driving in and out of the nursery.

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