What Parents Say

“We moved to Somerset when our eldest was 8 months old and I started working again a few months afterwards.  I did a lot of research to find the best nursery for us and visited quite a few.  Treehouse immediately attracted me initially because of its lovely spacious location.  As soon as I had had a chance to meet the staff it became apparent that the highly skilled, highly professional, stable staff were in fact the main selling point, and we signed our son up to attend from the age of one, firstly part-time, then full-time for a year, then part-time again afterwards.

From the outset it became clear that the Treehouse staff always considered looking after a child’s parents to be a key part of their work, and as our circumstances changed over the next 8 years we never failed to be impressed by the love and care shown to our children, as well as the support we were given through two more (not brilliant) pregnancies and caesareans, a major operation on my ankle which meant that I was in plaster for 12 weeks, and initially frequent changes in work hours when I returned to work afterwards.  Without the assistance and flexibility the manager and staff offered me, I don’t think that I would have been able to accept the job I was offered in 2010 and been able to go on and do the work I so enjoy now.  Treehouse really is a nursery that working parents can rely on, and also a nursery that fully incorporates part-time children of parents who don’t work – we experienced both and were always impressed. We had complete faith that our children were always superbly well looked after during all those years.

Most importantly, our children all loved it.  No 1 and no 3 hopped right in from the first day, and no 2, who was much trickier as a toddler, was so exceptionally well looked after, and his needs so brilliantly met, that he has gone on to shine brightly at his Primary School.

We all really miss the friends we made at Treehouse, both big and little, now that our no 3 has left, but they will never be forgotten.  Thanks for helping all five of us through the highs and lows of being an expanding family with busy lives.

The Butt family

Jan 2013


” Four of my children have had a fantastic time at Tree House and the fifth is enjoying it. Thank you Tree House, you are a God send ! Here’s to many more years, but without any more children of mine !! ”

Nikki Ambrosini


“My daughter has attended Tree House nursery since she was a year old.  I’ve always found Tree House to be a very supportive environment that has continually strived to provide the very best level of care.  I know that while she is there she is interracting with fully trained and caring staff, covering all areas of the National Curriculum, making great friends that may continue into her school life and eating freshly prepared nutritious food (which is also very important to me!)  Tree House is very good at communicating with parents on a regular basis and even invite parents to an end of year evening to discuss their child’s progress.  But you’ll also find staff fully accessible on a day-to-day basis.  I was very pleased to read their recent Ofsted report that supported everything I already believed about Tree House Day Nursery.  And with Tree House Woods on the way, children will have another great area in which to play, learn and discover!’

Lisa Reakes,

Poppy Gartons Mum


“Tree House is an amazing environment and has fantastic staff. My child has grown so much and loved every minute.”

Laura Darby Jones


“My children have always loved coming to Tree House. The staff are great and always very helpful.”

Angie Webb


“My daughter loves attending Tree House and its very often hard to get her to leave at the end of the day. Her development has come on in leaps and bounds.”

Karen May


“I have been coming to Tree House for 13 years and each of my children have grown in independance thanks to their care and support. I would willingly come for another 13 years!”

Kim Newstead


“Tree House has a friendly atmosphere and both my children have enjoyed coming here.”

Jayne Marsh


” Always very friendly, I would recommend Tree House Day Nursery to anyone “

Lesley Hallett


” Over the last 12 years, I have had 11 grandchildren attend Tree House. The care, attention, and friendliness are fantastic. Congratulation ! “

Janet Ambrosini


” In two years, neither of my children have ever said ” I don’t want to go. Thats a great recommendation in its self ! “

Claire Abraham


” Tree House is a wonderful place for children. They have a fantastic time, and the staff are exceptional “

Helen Burge


” My daughter has learnt a lot in a short time. She is always keen to tell me about what she’s done when she gets home “

Paul Redmore


” Poppy loves Tree House, she thinks its great “

Paul Garton