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Nursery News

Welcome to all our new children and parents/carers. We hope your child settles well at Tree House. The transition period is going smoothly from Little-End to Pre-School. Please remember our open door policy at Nursery. Our members of staff are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s voucher collections have gone really well, thanks for all your support with this, we are planning to get some great new scooters! Please bring in any remaining vouchers before we send them off at the end of this month.

A big welcome to two new members of staff. Karen Tyson and Claire Sharp have joined our Little–End team, they are both experienced Nursery Nurses and Claire is Sam’s sister.

Faye and Amy P/B are due to go on maternity leave soon. Faye’s last day will be 6th July and Amy is planning to stay until 19th August. They are both hoping to return after a little break.

New One-Way system for parents who collect children from both end’s of Nursery

We are introducing a one way system through the Nursery building at the end of the day. This only applies to Parents/Collectors who pick up children from both ends of the Nursery. Please enter the building using the Little–End door and collect younger children and belongings first and then go down to Pre-School to collect additional children. We are trying to encourage this flow of people traffic at the end of the day for the safety of all children at this busy time of the day. Thank you for your co-operation.

Parents Evening

We are planning on having an interactive parents/carers evening on Thursday 28th July (6.30-8.00). This will give you a chance to come and see what your child gets up to at Tree House. It is the ideal time to speak to your child’s key person and discuss their progress as well as look at their folders. This evening is not compulsory, but we welcome all parents and carers. Please let us know if you can make it to this evening (no children please!). If your child is moving up to Pre-School this is also an opportunity to meet the staff.

The children will also be having little assessments around the end of July. The children that are leaving us to start school will have transfer forms at the end of June.

Eco Cards

Soon you should receive your child’s Eco-Card design. If you would like to order any packs of cards please return your order to Nursery as soon as possible.

Family Boards

If you haven’t yet brought in any family photos to be displayed, and you would like to – please do. It’s great for the children to see photographs displayed of their favourite people.

Dates for your diary

Parents Evening : Thursday 28th July 2011

Shut Down Week: Monday 29th August -2nd September. Re-open Monday 5th September 2011


· Label your childs comforters and all clothing. We have lots of identical and similar items – saves any confusion at the end of the day and stops our lost property box overflowing!!!

· Please remember that the morning session ends at 12.00 pm, and the morning and lunch session ends at 1.30 pm

· Let a member of staff know if you need to change or increase your child’s Nursery sessions as soon as you know, to stop any disappointment if we can’t help

Nursery Clothing available

If you are interested in our Tree House t-shirts and jumpers, please speak to a member of staff.

The safety of all children is paramount. Please make sure you keep your speed to an absolute minimum when driving in and out of the nursery.

Have a great Summer  ! !

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