Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a fun, stimulating and safe environment, where all the children in our care are able to play, learn, explore and develop. We have an inclusive and caring practice, where all children are welcome, valued and included. We aim to provide families with high quality flexible care and education whilst embracing the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The first five years of a child’s life are important and informative, for growth and development. At Tree House we focus on the needs, interests, opinions and preferences of each child, as an individual.

Our aims and objectives set out the ways in which we will meet our mission; to provide enriching, stimulating, inclusive, high quality care and education for all children and their families.

Care, Learning and Play

We work within the Statutory Framework and Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage. We aim to provide an environment that supports and extends all children’s learning and development, including children with English as an additional Language and Special Educational Needs. This is reflected through children’s individual learning journals, which monitors children’s progress and development, as well as their individual needs and interests. Providing an environment where all children are safe by maintaining staff to children ratios, carrying out regular risk assessments and ensuring staff are trained to meet the health and safety of all children including safeguarding and first aid, are essential


Working in partnership with parents by implementing their views, and acknowledging them as their child’s first educators. Sharing and discussing their child’s development, achievements and progress through their online journals. This is also done through daily feedback and parent’s evenings, by offering support and advice to families and signposting them to other professionals or services when necessary.


Meeting all the requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Ensuring best practice and quality of care by evaluating our practice through the Ofsted self-evaluation, Next steps, peer to peer and staff supervision observations holding regular team meetings and providing ample training and development opportunities.

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