February 2012 Newsletter

Nursery News

A big thank you for the Christmas cards and gifts we received, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  The Pre-School Christmas party was great fun, the children loved watching Wotty the magician and Father Christmas visiting Tree House was very exciting.

Congratulations to Sam on the arrival of Baby Reece.

Mindi is due to return on 6th March following her maternity leave. You may have noticed a new friendly face at the Little End – “Kay”. She has joined the Tree House team temporarily to help until all our ladies with babies return.

We will be collecting Tesco & Sainsbury’s vouchers when they start handing them out again this year.

We are struggling to match items of clothing back to the correct owners – especially when we have numerous identical coats or pairs of shoes!! Please put children’s names in their clothing, in particular hats, coats, jumpers, shoes & comforters.

We are pleased to mention that the pot holes on the entrance road have been repaired.  We understand that this has been an on going problem, but Tree House Nursery does not own the private track so we have made improvements to the damaged areas.  Please continue to drive with care and pay close attention to your speed.

It is really helpful if your child’s bag is well stocked with spare clothes, socks and pants. We do have some spare clothing at Nursery for emergencies. If you have borrowed any nursery clothing in the past please return it.

New Chip and Pin Payment System

We are hoping to introduce the equipment to allow you to pay your monthly invoice by debit or credit card.  This service should be available to use in the next couple of weeks.  We would prefer you to use this method rather than cheques if you can.

New Parents/Carers

Welcome to all our new children and parents/carers.  We hope your child settles well at Tree House.  Please remember our open door policy at Nursery.  Our members of staff are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

We use a ‘previous accident/incident form’, this ensures that we are working in line with current child protection guidelines. So if your child has occurred a serious burn, bruises etc whilst under your care – Please notify a member of staff and then we will make a record of this incident. If a member of staff notices a major injury they will record it and ask for your assistance with this.

Dates for your diary

  1. We will be opening on the Tuesday 5th June 2012 – which is the day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
  2. We will be closed for all other Bank Holidays;

· Easter weekend – 6th and 9th April

· May Bank Holiday – 7th May

· June – 4th June

· August – Shut down week 27th – 31st August

· Christmas – Closed from Tuesday 25th December

Reopen Wednesday 2nd January 2013


· Provide a minimum of 5 nappies for children who attend all day sessions.

· Remember to bring a bag with spare clothes inside.

· Remember that the children who attend Nursery for the morning and lunch session need to be collected by 1.30pm

· Remember that the space to the side of the Nursery is for disabled parking only.

School Uniform

If you are interested in our Tree House t-shirts and jumpers, please speak to a member of staff.

Have a brilliant 2012!

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