Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding Children – Child Protection

Safeguarding Children Statement

The Tree House Day Nursery & Pre-School is required under the EYFS statutory framework to set out a statement on Safeguarding Children and the procedures in place to protect all children in our care. Our legal duty to safeguard all children ensures that we are working towards the Every Child Matters outcome Staying Safe.

The nominated person has received training in child protection matters. They will continue to take additional training, attend meetings and study publications to ensure that their knowledge remains current at all times. They will ensure this knowledge is passed on to other staff members. All suspicious and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

Our policy in respect to Safeguarding Children is:

As the Children Act (2006) states that the welfare of children is paramount, so our policy on Safeguarding Children has as its foundation the welfare of the child. Due to the many hours of care we are providing to a child it is possible that staff maybe the first people to become aware that there is a problem, even before the parent/carer. It is our policy to first carefully investigate the apparent abuse, neglect or welfare.

The staff are constantly reminded of their responsibilities in respect to Safeguarding Children issues and to ensure this they receive on going training in the important area of childcare. A copy of the booklet “What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused” is retained with other reference documents in the Day Nursery and these guidance documents are readily available to all staff.

All members of staff at The Tree House Day Nursery are CRB checked before they are given responsibility of caring for the children.

Furthermore it is our policy to obtain written permission from parents/carers prior to photographs being taken of their children and for the circulation of those pictures to be restricted in accordance with their instructions.