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October 2009 Newsletter

Nursery News

Welcome to all our new children and parents/carers. We hope your child settles well at Tree House. The transition period is going smoothly from Little-End to Pre-School. Please remember our open door policy at Nursery. Our members of staff are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Congratulations to Mrs Amy Phillips-Baskett, we are pleased you enjoyed your wedding in Cyprus.

Thank you for all the supermarket vouchers, the equipment has arrived and the children are enjoying using it. The new bird houses and pulley system will go up in the woods soon. Our wood just gets better and better !

We are in the process of creating a Tree House eco friendly shopping bag with the children, look out for it when it goes on sale.

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Dates for your diary

  1. Concept Photography will be visiting Nursery on Thursday 29th October ( 9am-3pm). If your child does not attend on this day,you can arrange an individual appointment with us for you to bring your child in for the photo shoot. Purchased photographs will be returned in time for Christmas. Their wonderful photographs make great christmas presents.
  1. Halloween week 26th-30th October, if your child would like to dress up that would be great to see. (Please note: Thursday of this week will be Photographer day so please supply a change of clothing unless you were planning on Halloween themed photos!)
  2. All being well Chloë is planning to go on maternity leave in November, her last day will be Friday 6th November. We are happy for Chloe and Pete but will miss her very much x
  3. Wells Carnival – Friday 13th November. Please remember that we close at 5pm, rather than the normal 6pm, due to carnival traffic. We would appreciate if you could make any alternative collection arrangements to ensure that your child is collected by 5pm. This is for everyones’ benefit but most of all parents and children.
  4. Christmas Shutdown – Last day open Thursday 24th December 2009, we close at 4pm on Christmas Eve. We Re-open on Monday 4th January 2010 8.00 a.m


  • Remember the Nursery doors shut at 6pm. If anyone is struggling to collect before this time please arrange somebody else to pick up your child. Late charges of £5 every 5 minutes after 6pm will be made. We don’t like to do this but after 10 hours our staff need to go home too !
  • Ensure your child has warm outdoor clothing for the autumn/winter, so they can enjoy their outdoor play.
  • Label all items of clothing so they don’t go missing.
  • Provide a sufficient supply of nappies if your child needs them.
  • Remember that invoices are ready to collect at the start of the month and we need payment within 7 days.
  • Please notify a member of staff if your child has occurred a serious burn, bruise, etc. whilst under your care – so we can record it with your assistance.
  • Please ensure that your child has a full set of clothes in their own bag- Pants and socks are very important! especially pants!

The safety of all children is paramount. Please make sure you keep your speed to an absolute minimum when driving in and out of the nursery.

We have cars being driven at unacceptable speed, even in front of the nursery. When leaving please look ahead and give way to traffic coming in along the lane. It makes it much easier for everyone.

We currently have some spaces available. If you would like another half day session or perhaps you would like to extend an existing sessions – please speak to a member of staff.

Happy Halloween from Tree House x x x

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