Cosy Soup !!!

Today we all made some delicious, fresh, vegetable soup!

We chopped up carrots, swede, butternut squash, leeks and potatoes. We added some veg stock and simmered it with parsley and coriander, then blended it until smooth.
We ate it at tea with thick slices of wholemeal bread…..what a treat!

Here at Tree House, we pride ourselves on our home cooked food, and have a varied menu, all fresh, made on the premises, to cover three meals a day.

Recently, we have made several changes to our menu, which includes swapping some sweet treats for snacks like humus and carrots, as well as the children helping making a hot dinner for tea time once a week.

This is to help our children become more involved in the process of making their own food, and enhancing their understanding of where food comes from and the importance of healthy eating.



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