June 2012 Newsletter

June 2012 Newsletter


Nursery News

Amy Phillips-Basket is due to return on 18th June following her maternity leave, we’re all looking forward to seeing her.

We will be sending off our collection of Tesco’s vouchers very soon. Thank you for bringing them in – please dig out any remaining vouchers. It’s just like Christmas when the parcels arrive and the children open them. We’ll let you know what we’ve decided to use the vouchers for.

The Chip and Pin machine is now up and running.  Please try and use this method of payment rather than cheques, if you can.

We are really struggling to match items of clothing back to the correct owners – especially when we have numerous identical coats or pairs of shoes !!  Please put children’s names in their clothing, in particular hats, coats, jumpers, shoes & comforters.

Parents Evening

We are planning on having an interactive parents/carers evening on Thursday 9th August (6.30-8.00). This will give everyone a chance to come and see what your child gets up to at Tree House !

It is the ideal time to speak to your child’s key person and discuss their progress as well as look at their folders. This evening is not compulsory, but we welcome all parents and carers.  Please let us know if you can make it to this evening. Unfortunately we can not accommodate any children on the evening so if you are unable to find evening child care you are welcome to meet with your child’s key person another time. Just ask a member of staff for an appointment on a day that suits you and you can borrow your child’s folder to view at your own leisure.

The children that are leaving us to start school will have transfer forms completed, all other children will have a developmental report which will be available to read on Parents/carers evening.

Transition to Pre-School

All children at Little End who were born between  May 2009 – April 2010 will be moving up to Pre-School in September.  To help these transitions go as smoothly as possible we have already started to encourage the children to spend short spells of time in the Pre School environment.

New Parents/Carers

Welcome to all our new children and parents/carers.  We hope your child settles well and we will do everything we can to make it as easy for parents and  children ! .  Please remember our open door policy at Nursery.  Our members of staff are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Forest School Activities


Tree House Wood really adds to our curriculum as well as being great fun for the children.

Alicia has already started working with some of the Pre School children.  They have had fun finding mini beasts, making head bands & book marks with natural materials, and creating their own river !

Soon they are planning to make hot chocolate on a small waffle fire.  Thank You for returning the permission slips, if you have not completed/returned one yet, please ask.

Please feel free to walk around our little wood,  but shut the gates !


The children have all been creating eco-bags. We are in the processing of sending the children’s designs to be printed. There is then an option to purchase them if you wish to (information to follow shortly).

Sun cream

Please apply cream to children before they attend Nursery.  We will re-apply at 1.30pm, for children who attend the full day.  If you would like us to use Nursery Sun cream ( Nivea factor 50+) on your child please pay the one off contribution of £1 if you haven’t already.

Dates for your diary

  1. We will be opening on the Tuesday 5th June 2012 – which is the day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. If your child does attend we will be celebrating and planning to have a party tea.
  2. Concept Photography will be visiting Nursery on Tuesday 3rd July. If you child does not attend Tree House on this day and you would like photos taken, please make an appointment with a member of staff ( AM only)
  3. School Leavers party – Thursday 23rd August. If you child has already stopped their Nursery sessions you are welcome to bring them back for the party 2-4 pm. Invitations to follow soon.


·  Please provide plenty of nappies for children who need them.

·  Please remember to bring a bag with spare clothes inside.

·  Please remember that the children who attend Nursery for the morning and lunch session need to be collected by 1.30pm

·  Remember that the space to the side of the Nursery is for disabled parking only.

School Uniform

If you are interested in our Tree House t-shirts and jumpers, please speak to a member of staff.

Very Important !!!! The safety of all children is paramount. Please make sure you keep your speed to an absolute minimum when driving in and out of the nursery and along the narrow lane !

Have a great summer !!

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