February 2011 Newsletter

February 2011 Newsletter

Nursery News

Welcome to all our new children and parents/carers. We hope your child settles well at Tree House. The transition period is going smoothly from Little-End to Pre-School. Please remember our open door policy at Nursery. Our members of staff are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Mindi is due to go on maternity leave at the end of this month. We wish Mindi and Shane all the best for their new arrival.

We will be collecting Sainsbury’s vouchers starting from the 9th of February – thank you for your support if you receive any.

We are currently introducing a new policy stating the practice which we have always followed here at Tree House with regards to personal mobile phones. All mobile phones are to be left in the staff room during the nursery day and only to be used during staff members lunch breaks.

New Parents/Carers

We use a ‘previous accident/incident form’, this ensures that we are working in line with current child protection guidelines. So if your child has occurred a serious burn, bruises etc whilst under your care – Please notify a member of staff and then we will make a record of this incident. If a member of staff notices a major injury they will record it and ask for your assistance with this.

Family Boards

If you haven’t yet brought in any family photos to be displayed, and you would like to – please do.

Dates for your diary

  1. Concept Photography will be visiting Tuesday 31st May. If your child does not attend on the day, you are welcome to arrange an individual appointment  with us for you to bring your child in for the photo shoot.
  2. We will be opening on the Friday 29th April 2011 – which is the day of the Royal Wedding.
  3. We will be closed for all other Bank Holidays;

Easter weekend – 22nd and 25th April

May – 2nd and 30th

August – Shut down week 29th – 2nd September

Christmas – Closed from Monday 26th December

Reopen Tuesday 3rd January 2012


· Provide a minimum of 5 nappies for children who attend all day sessions.

· Label your childs clothing, especially coats, tops and items that are removed often.

· Remember to bring a small bag with spare clothes inside.

· Remember that the morning session ends at 12pm, and the morning and lunch session ends at 1.30pm

School Uniform

If you are interested in our Tree House t-shirts and jumpers, please speak to a member of staff.

Have a great 2011!

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